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Why choose ESI?

How can you help your credit union stand out in the marketplace? Better rates? More locations? Maybe even longer hours? Is that enough to win over new and existing members? The competition can be fierce, so show your strength by offering protection that no banks and few credit unions can offer – excess share insurance from Excess Share Insurance Corporation (ESI).

Your peers understand how important offering excess share insurance can be. Please see below for some of the many benefits that offering excess share insurance brings to their credit unions and their members. 

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Access Community Credit Union

“During the summer of 2020 Access Community Credit Union took additional steps to protect our members’ deposits by adding supplementary insurance through ESI. Since that time our members have been double covered, and this protection has given the security and peace of mind to our membership that they have come to expect from a community credit union.”

John Hays, CEO, Access Community Credit Union (TX)

Alabama Credit Union

“One of the first new services we offered when I came to Alabama Credit Union was additional deposit coverage through ESI. We were in extremely competitive markets in Tuscaloosa and Huntsville – our only two branches at the time – and we felt this extended coverage would provide an advantage over banks and other credit unions. We also had many loyal members who were at the NCUSIF limit that we knew would bring more deposits to us with the higher insured limits.

“Over 20 years later, we still count ESI as a very valuable partner. Beyond the higher limits, the mere fact that Alabama Credit Union can secure this coverage provides members with a sense of confidence that the credit union is well run and financially strong. We plan on ESI being a key component of our operation for many years to come.”

Steve Swofford, President / CEO, Alabama Credit Union

Alliance Credit Union

“ESI has been a wonderful complement to our private insurance coverage.  We are proud to be the only financial institution in our area to offer our members Excess Share Insurance.  While most of our members do not require the excess coverage, it gives them the confidence that their credit union can handle all of their financial needs, now and in the future. I recommend ESI as both a practical insurance provider as well as a powerful marketing tool.”

Matt Grannan, President / CEO, Alliance Credit Union


Arkansas Federal Credit Union

“Arkansas Federal Credit Union’s relationship with ESI covers Business Accounts that demand a higher level of deposit insurance. We have found ESI to be both flexible and responsive to our specific needs.”

Eric Mangham, CFO, Arkansas Federal Credit Union

BMI Federal Credit Union

“Excess Share Insurance provides our members the peace-of-mind that their deposits over $250,000 are insured. It’s an affordable solution for us, and added protection for those valuable members with large deposit balances.”

Bill Allender, President / CEO, BMI Federal Credit Union

Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union

“We’re always looking for more ways to better serve our members, and partnering with ESI allowed us to offer an option for members to safely place more money into a single institution. Our members have appreciated having the higher insured amount, and we’re grateful to be the first and only financial institution in Hawaii to provide this extended coverage protection for our members’ deposits.”

Bruce M. Rosen, EVP, Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union

Latino Community Credit Union

“We were looking for a way to provide additional security to larger depositors as they considered putting their money to work with the credit union. ESI’s product met our needs, their staff was helpful, and their process was transparent. Working with ESI has allowed us to enhance coverage for larger deposits and provide that extra assurance to our partners.”

Alison Yonas, SVP, Development and Strategic Investments, Latino Community Credit Union