On Demand Webinars

Cyber Liability: A Dynamic Risk to Manage

Presented by Carlos Molina, CUNA Mutual Group, and Derek Laczniak, M3 Insurance Solutions (recorded 5/18/2021)

The cyber liability marketplace continues to be dynamic due to spikes in claim activity of all kinds. This webinar provides an overview of current cyber liability market trends and threats that credit unions face. The presenters detail the fundamentals of how cyber liability policies are designed, how to respond to a data breach, as well as common pitfalls faced by credit unions. The session also addresses how credit unions can mitigate their risks through a deeper understanding of governance, and their cyber liability policies.

Click here to view: https://webinars.on24.com/ASI/CyberLiability0521&nbsp


The Economic Forecast and Credit Unions

Presented by Bill Hampel (recorded 2/23/2021)

What’s the outlook for an economic recovery in 2021 and into next year? Are we in a double dip recession? Will interest rates ever rise? Are we in for a bout of inflation? How will credit union deposit and loan growth compare to 2020?

Get answers to these questions and more when you attend this complimentary on-demand webinar.  Click here to view: https://webinars.on24.com/ASI/BillHampel22321


How Does Excess Insurance Work?

Interested in learning the basics of excess share insurance? Are you curious to see how it could benefit your credit union and your members? Have you ever wondered how adding excess share insurance will help you stand out versus your competition?

If you’re short on time but want answers to those questions, please consider ESI’s on-demand webinar option. From the comfort of your own home, office, or phone, you’ll learn how excess share insurance can help your credit union achieve its goals and objectives. Click here to request a link to one of our state-specific webinars. Afterwards, if you have questions or need additional information, please contact your Sales Manager for assistance.

Excess share insurance can help your credit union Attract, Protect, and Retain more members and more deposits. It takes just 15 minutes to learn how.