What Are My Options?

Flexible Coverages

ESI offers three excess share insurance options based on the unique needs of your credit union and your members: Double Cover; Select Cover; and, Custom Cover. In some cases, credit unions select multiple policies in order to accomplish their objectives.

Your Sales Manager can help you understand the many different ways an excess share insurance program can be customized and structured, and together you’ll determine the policy type – or types – that will help you achieve your deposit and liquidity goals.

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Double Cover can protect every member of your credit union by providing up to $250,000 of coverage above and beyond the limits afforded by your primary share insurer.

Double Cover was one of ESI’s first product offerings, and remains its most popular program, used by hundreds of credit unions across the country. 

Select Cover allows your credit union to insure balances up to $5,000,000 above the limits afforded by your primary share insurer, accommodating specific members, larger business and institutional type member accounts. Other limitations and restrictions may apply, so please talk to your sales manager for more details.

Select Cover is not available in Texas, Washington, or Florida. 

Custom Cover adds up to $250,000 beyond your primary coverage limits on specific classes of accounts, such as IRAs or CDs.

Credit unions typically use Custom Cover when they are interested in targeting these specific accounts for long-term and sustainable growth.