About ESI

Company Overview

ESI is the nation’s only multi-state provider of excess share insurance for credit unions. Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, ESI is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Share Insurance (ASI), a credit union-owned private deposit insurer founded in 1974 by credit unions, for credit unions.

ASI first pioneered the concept of excess share insurance in 1981. As demand grew, ASI found it necessary to organize and charter a more standardized insurance company. In 1993, ESI was chartered by the Ohio Department of Insurance. Over the following years, ESI gradually expanded its reach by securing licensure by state insurance departments in 32 states and the District of Columbia.

As a property and casualty insurer, ESI is subject to licensing and regulation by the insurance departments in its states of operation. The company’s financial statements are audited annually by an independent CPA firm and are available upon request through your credit union.


A National Footprint

ESI is an Ohio-based property and casualty insurance company, authorized to insure consumer share accounts in both federally- and privately-insured credit unions. The Company is wholly-owned by American Mutual Share Insurance Corporation (ASI), a credit union-owned share guaranty corporation operating since 1974 and licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) and dual-regulated by the Ohio Departments of Insurance and Commerce, as well as nine other state credit union regulatory authorities across the country.

Financially Sound and Regulated

Since its inception, ESI has without exception received favorable reports and clean opinions concerning the accuracy and soundness of its financial operations. Annually, the Company is subject to an audit by one of the “Big Four” international CPA firms, and its loss reserves have been determined to be sufficient by one of the world’s leading actuarial firms, all without adverse issues being noted or raised. Please contact ESI for copies of the Company’s audited financial statements.

In addition, the Ohio Department of Insurance conducts cyclical statutory exams of ESI, with the latest “no findings” report available on the Department’s website for public viewing at www.insurance.ohio.gov

ESI has always been and continues to remain in good standing with the insurance departments in the states in which it operates. However, due to the unique nature of the insurance provided and the absence of comparative competition, ESI is not assigned an insurance industry rating by A.M. Best.