Protecting credit union members’ savings since 1993.

ESI’s excess share insurance has been protecting the hard-earned savings of credit union members throughout the United States since 1993. This unique program provides up to $250,000 of additional deposit insurance to members’ accounts that exceed the limits of coverage provided them by the credit union’s primary share insurance organization, usually $250,000, and is available to credit unions in 32 different states across the country.

ESI is safe, sound and dependable

Members of credit unions using ESI’s excess share insurance can take great comfort in knowing that their savings are safe, and that a portion of their deposits are protected by a well-capitalized credit union-only private insurer.  Today, over 200 credit unions nationwide utilize ESI’s program to add another layer of protection to that afforded the credit union by its primary insurer.

What's New?

Barnes Elected Chair of Ohio Credit Union League

Stan Barnes, President/CEO of ESI excess insured Canton School Employees Federal Credit Union (Ohio) was elected chairman of the board of the Ohio Credit Union League (OCUL).  The OCUL recently completed a two-year governance overhaul which changed their board’s structure and Code of Regulations.  In addition to Mr. Barnes, other directors on the OCUL board include executives at credit unions insured by ESI’s parent company, American Share Insurance (ASI).